Artist Statement


Our lives are flecked throughout each day with intimate moments when we let our guard down and look at the world through the eyes of our child self, unfiltered and jarringly personal. These moments can come from insecurities, joy, pain; glimpses of personal uncertainties and curiosities. They are secret, quiet windows into each person’s heart and subconscious. I search for these windows wherever I am, constantly seeking to understand the small intimacies and nuances that make up an individual. They all tell a story, just as fables do. My work explores those moments, using archetypes and anthropomorphic subjects to create an intimate space to engage curiosity. I encourage the viewer to use their imagination in a similar way as to the fairy tales we grew up on, allowing us to question the boundaries of our own reality and personal abilities. 

I have an affinity for clay due to its reactive and tactile nature, reflective of how people imprint on to one another every day. It feeds my connection with my primal self while still allowing me to refine its surface and composition in whatever ways I see fit. It’s in the process of working with my hands that I feel I can fully connect with the human experience and therefore build relationship. At my heart, I am a storyteller. With a back ground in classical form and a religious upbringing, my work is imbued with the figure as well as in a sense for the poetic and dramatic. I have deep literary roots, especially in myth, which I incorporate into all of my pieces. The result is reminiscent of those tender moments when fiction still inspired you to question the boundaries of reality, and cautionary tales still caused sleepless nights.